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PRIORITY 1 INVESTIGATIONS, was established in 1995 to be a forceful advocate and facilitator for our clients that have been victimized.

We have experience with both plaintiff and defense cases, so our understanding of opposition strategy is formidable!

During the (free) consultation we will fully assess the situation for the best course of action and quote the most reasonable fee or hourly rate that is warranted in your particular matter.

We will not waste your time or money with fluff or grandiose promises.  If we cannot help you, we will be honest about it.

If your needs fall outside our area of expertise, we can refer you to our state/nationwide, network of associates, in essentially any expert field you can imagine.  Again, we are facilitators for your success, even if we don’t get your case.

Leverage for the Edge To Win:

We don’t play; we focus on getting the leverage to win.  With military-like discipline and determination, we handle each case like it’s a mission. Losing is not an option.

The reality in today’s world is that’s it’s not about the spirit of the law, good over evil or right and wrong, It’s about documentation.  It’s about strategy analysis, planning, and politics. When we provide a report, it’s written with the judge and jury in mind.  It’s written to address weaknesses that the opposing counsel might use against you or your client.

Empowerment and Protection: 

  • Your world just got turned upside down and someone has taken your power away. Let’s get it back.  We put bullies and harassers in their place. If nothing else, we are aggressive justice warriors.
  • We can work side by side with your attorneys as a very effective team.
  •  We will navigate you through personal or professional threats and come up with a plan to empower and protect you.     


Problem Solvers:

No one needs an Investigator unless they have significant problems.  But solving problems and overcoming challenges are(is) what we call fun.  We have no emotional ties and can approach your case with strategic legal and flexible approaches.

When you don’t have all the facts, you are definitely in trouble and need the services of a highly trained and experienced Private Investigator.

Let PRIORITY 1 INVESTIGATIONS be your 911 call for the 411.
Call or E-mail us and we will come to the rescue with the information you need.

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